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Constant Companion
Overall rating:

Release year: 2010
Genre: Folk (Alternative Folk)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

First, I have to thank MOJO magazine for making me aware of this album. Unlike many other modern albums, this has simple acoustic arrangements that don't get in the way of the songs. There is a country influence, but it is subtle. Doug gets his message across without any trouble at all.

The last song on it, Come Here My Love, has to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Not only is the melody simple but affecting, so are the lyrics, the last line being 'so go to sleep my love, beside me'. I like about half of the songs, but the ones I love make up for the rest. I am just about to buy his other album and EP, as I feel I need to hear them - I suppose that shows how highly I regard what he does. If you like good strong unpretentious music, buy this album.

No One But You

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What I Saw

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Don't Make Me Wait

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End Of The Day

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Always Say Goodbye

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O Heart

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I Stand Alone

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Come Here And Love Me

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